Joy Angeles October 2009 Update

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This very young girl could well be JA's next sensation.
Sometimes they just quit and we never hear from her again.
And then sometimes it happens and a true EFRO star is born.
This girl has it all to become a true star.
Everybody will probably agree after seeing these test-clips.

It has been since early 2007 a shy blond, big breasted US girl wrote us to ask if we could
publish her clips, because she thought she was quite an amazing poop girl. But we had to make
sure she would remain absolutely anonymous. Now, in the fall of 2009, Anabel has become an icon
in the EFRO community: there isn't a single EFRO-lover who doesn't love what she does. So time
to reveil the face of this gorgeous blonde, who did all these clips of all these huge, thick girl turds:

Two girls from Andalucia, Spain sent their very first clips in the summer of 2006:
Yolanda and Elena. They recorded a whole string of outdoor clips for JA. Now, Yolanda
has found some female friends who like to (be paid to) poop in front of the camera!
Next update they will poop and pee together. As JA is constantly developing, we might get
lucky as Yolanda invites more and more friends to poop and piss together with her in the woods.
This young girl is still a bit camera-shy, but the JA lover knows what might happen within the
next months...

Cynthia is a new girl from Norway. She's 22 years old.
She wrote us: "Hey guys, normally I poop huge bricks and I'm known to clog every toilet
I visit so I would love to show this on your awesome website. But I am pregnant.
Would it be okay for me to do some clips anyway?"
And you bet we let her film herself. She will be back two updates later, with her stunning
huge Norwegian lady turds. A JA's first!

Keep an eye on this new girl; a 19 year old anonymous girl from Denmark.
Each time she poops, she farts like CRAZY and these are really wet, liquid farts!
'No supposoritories!' is the JA policy. "This is just the way I poop" she wrote us back.
This is good news for the diarhea lovers!

Another new 20 year old girl from the United Kingdom.
She personally loved this website and enjoyed watching models
like Anabel or Mila. And she was so eager to demonstrate her
pooping talents she recorded 3 clips with full frontal face.
Essentials or not, if a model doesn't want her face to be shown, we
edit it out. It won't be the first time that a model decides after a few
clips: Well, why not show my face. Just look at her example Anabel.

A ladyin her fourties approached us, asking us if she would fit
between the usual young starlets JA features.
JA always tried all kinds of women; young, thin, big, super-model,
from housewife to lawyer (oh yes) and from college girl to professional
model being very anonymous! Knowing there are lots of people out there
going wild when it's a middle aged woman doing the same naughty stuff we
thought: This is another JA's first.

Model Teenie Lolita is amongst the known names in EFRO world.
She's relatively new here at JA but yet has contributed many
fantastic clips.
Just do a search with her name and you might end up having a
spectacular custom-made clip done by her, for you.
This German girl shows everything!

28 years old Malaga from Spain has been recording her pooping clips
for JA for quite some time now.
She went on holidays to Finland and took her camera with her.
But forget this one, she told us we're in for something very interesting.
She will meet with the new Spanish Bomber TANALIA - the fantastic new professional
model who secretly films for JA- to do some pooping clips together.
Plus there might be a shy, 19 year old girlfriend of hers who wants to join her on cam.
And this girl can poop...

Sometimes we just get a clip from a girl.
Nobody knows who she is or where she comes from.
It could well be one of those girls you see walking down
the streets each day.
Just being naughty, sending a clip to us, see if we publish it.
Without a background-story like this it's just a clip.
Story included makes it different. That's why we mentioned it.

Ofcourse sometimes men send us their stuff.
It's never usable UNLESS they tell us they managed to
sneak into the bathroom of their nextdoor neighbour; a
woman in her late twenties, and were able to install a camera
there. We suppose she knows, but the story is nice!

A girl sent us this clip.
She looks great but it's possible we've seen this clip somewhere
before. And that would truly be a JA's first.

33 year old US model SHYA is amongst super poopers like Shellyna, Anabel, Mila,
Sabrina and quite a few other spectacular girls we featured.
Her turds are enormous. Lovers of incredibly huge female turds will be thrilled!
She even does a Panty Pooping clip.

New model SKYE will be sensational.
Hopefully soon to be sharing monsterpoop status with
the other huge pooping models as this 19 year old beauty
sent her first clips as 'normal' pooping clips.
We asked this stunning pretty girl (we saw her photo) if
she could try pooping big ones.
Holding her poop 3 days, she sent us quite a monstrous poo
Now she's holding her poo for 6 days. Or more.
This young girl could be EFRO GOLD!

Superstar TANALIA quickly rose to EFRO fame.
She's indeed one of the most sexy girls JA has ever featured.
An amazingly beautiful brunette whose identity has to remain
VERY secret.
With definitely the most beautiful legs in JA this Spanish girl
can piss like a racehorse, poop like an elephant and all the time
she never loses anything of her elegance.
It appears as if she only gains it as she opens up.

A clip in the style of one of JA's collegues.
Ofcourse many people will appreciate a girl talking, showing
her face and even pooping.

Andalucian girl Yolanda, just turned 20 this month, always
offers us great lengthy girl-turds, which she delivers in
the sunny forrests of Southern Spain.
And now she has found a young girl to play with.
Not on this update, but you will see Yolanda and this girl
pooping and peeing together very soon!

Joy Angeles Early 2006 FLUSH-BACK

The introduction of now legendary models like Mila Perlman and Sabrina

The first clips of the immensly popular models Mila Perlman from the US
and Sabrina from the Netherlands. Dutch drop dead blonde Kelly Christian
also was amongst the favorite JA models; this year she returned to JA for
a second round of the now famous clips showing her sitting on the toilet
bowl, filmed by herself, from between her legs. Model IRIS turned on most
of the EFRO-lovers with her orgasmic grunts while she pooped her rock-hard
turds out.

Joy Angeles Early 2006 FLUSH-BACK II

The first glimpse of Shellyna and Mila

April 2006 showed the very first Mila Perlman clips: over the top thick fat turds
which quickly became the all time favorites of many EFRODESIACS.
Also starring was SHELLYNA who would return in the winter of 2008 with the biggest
piles of poop ever featured on the internet, using a special diet consisting of
Psyllium Husk. Contrary of what some people think her clips did actually feature
real poop and none of the clips were faked. Her clips were heavily edited as her
total pooping-time took about 2 hours.
One of the top models of JA makes her first appearance this update: CAROLINA, the
ex- Miss Belgium. A fact too good to keep a secret so with her kind permission we
could state this. As long as the year was kept secret.

Kelly Outside
This is the very first clip ever we see Kelly take a dump outside.. diarrhea as usual, and it becomes clearer and clearer with each clip
how pretty this model Kelly really is..

Mila 4
A new clip of Mila's with her old camera still. Imagine how this will look with her new cam and with the JA diet.
This girl is capable of Mega Dumps. Here's something to look out for..

Sabrina's Dirty Toilet
Sabrina having fun pooping on the toilet lid and making quite a mess.
And ofcourse we love to see this.

Iris' Endless Turd On Bowlcam
A very, very long turd by Iris on bowlcam, so you'll see every little detail of the process of female pooping.. this was a very long one, and
it's too bad Iris forgot to record the result.. it must have been huge!

Iris' Constipated Standing Shitter
Iris is a very sweet girl: She wanted to take something against constipation but didn't do it, because "I know the members like to watch
me strain and struggle with these solid monsters" she said.
You can't do any better than having Iris as your JA model.. she'll do anything for you!

Iris' Long Turd and Long Fart
Iris lover's will finally hear Iris fart.. and when she does, it's enormous!
She shoots a pebble turd as she's farting.. and farts again.. A very non-Iris type of clip with the very Iris-like grunting!

Iris' Windy Constipation Scene
This scene was already featured as a bonus clip: Iris, somewhere in the North of the Netherlands, struggling with a very hard to get
out dump on a windy afternoon.

Carolina is the ex-Miss Belgium model, who just started modeling for Joy Angeles. So far she just made a few testmovies,
but as she's a beautiful young girl, she could well be one of the new leading ladies of this website.

Iris' Constipated Colour Turds
When you thought you'd seen everything, Iris comes up with a doggy-styled, sexy, noisy, all grunting 2 coloured, rockhard, painful pile!

Kelly Farting
It might be clear Kelly Kristian is back, and this blond gorgeous model with the most beautiful butthole on earth is farting like never before.

Mila 1
Newest JA model Mila Perlman will be known for her wide turds. This clip already has been a bonus clip, but there are some more you
haven't seen yet. This girl is bound to be THE favorite model of each and every EFRO lover who loves big, fat and huge turds.
The anal-stretching model I was looking for has arrived!

Mila 2
The bonusclip and introduction of Mila Perlman on this website.

Mila 3
The bonusclip and introduction of Mila Perlman on this website.

Mila 5
Model Mila pooping some bricks on a plate.. incredibly promising clips!.

Shellyna 1
A clip from black EFRO model Shellyna

Shellyna 2
A clip from black EFRO model Shellyna


Mila's HUGE Turds!

Eve Is Returning

Kimi's Gigantic Pile!

Eve Is Returning



Sabrina's Bleeding Butt!

Eve Is Returning


Shellyna 1

Eve Is Returning



Brinatime with Sapotty


Shellyna 2


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