One of Ana's first shoots ever was taken on an August morning at 11:15, just after her daily workout at the local gym. She called me from the gym, saying it would be a good idea to come and bring the camera. She said: "I've been having the urge to go to the bathroom all morning, and if you don't come, I'll be taking a dump in the bushes on my way home anyway." When I arrived at the gym she said she felt better, but she would go poop anyway, since I brought the camera. She said: "Just think of it as a test take. Maybe you can use it, maybe not." Well, I guess these are the perfect moments; it can't get any better than this. You've got a pretty girl with the urge to take a shit, fresh from the showers of the gym, in a natural and improvised situation. There's a big forrest on the way to her appartment, with a hiking trail, filled with people enjoying their Sunday moring. On the stills below Ana is only few feet away from the road. You will see Ana's healthy dump; 3 thick and amazingly long turds, together more than three feet long! There's a shot of her standing, showing her boots with her pile and tissues, and on the film there's a scene where she almost steps into her own pile, while pulling her jeans up. Here's sweet little innocent Ana Didovic in action...

Ana about to pull down her jeans. She said that she didn't have to go anymore, but that the urge was coming back again the moment she was standing there

Undoing the buttons of her jeans. She says: "I have to fart, but I'm afraid the people will hear me". She decides to hold it in

Here she farts very softly, but very long. It's barely audible on film. Evidentually the pressure is building up inside her belly

Ana's releasing gas all time while lowering her string. She must have been uncomfortable during her workout in the gym

Here's when things get exiting. She's getting in position, without waiting, as she's farting continuesly and really needs to go >

This is my favorite moment: Ana's body freezes, and she surrenders to the urge she's been having all morning, on and off. Her butthole suddenly opens wide, a hissing fart and a crackling sound of the first turd emerging..

..and here it comes. If I never would have met Ana, who knows she would have been pooping here alone. But the camera is rolling and this moment of a cheerleader type of girl pooping is being captured for us

Like always, Ana's turds are thick, healthy and.. big. Together with a long, soft fart her first turd slides out without any pushing

On above picture Ana starts to grunt. Her turd is over one foot long. An amazing sight

The first turd falls with a pretty serious thud in the grass, and Ana grunts while expelling some more poop. She straightens her body and I assume she's finishes after such a huge turd. I'm about to comment on her load as she suddenly bends over and says: "Film, I haven't finished yet"

A second turd emerges, I have to haste to focus again, as this turd is coming out faster than the first one. As you can see, Ana likes corn and don't bothers chewing her food too much!

Ana has a wonderful way of pooping. Her position is perfect, her anus is perfectly shaped and her second turd looks to be a big one again

And a big, long turd it is! I noticed Ana starts grunting when her turd gets over 1 foot long.

This is when things get seriously out of proportions; Ana's second turd keeps getting longer and longer. This is almost 2 feet long! And Ana's just a small girl

The neverending turd suddenly falls out, and Ana's butthole remains open, releasing an incredible amount of gas.

She says she thinks she's finished. But when she's standing for a few seconds, she says her belly still aches. Suddenly she farts again, and very loud this time, probably because she's standing. She farts so loud and with such power, some poop jets out from between her butt cheekes! She takes position again and immediately a 3rd turd starts moving out. Good thing I was expecting this

As Ana's turd is growing longer, she crouches down into a more comfortable position

She strains a lot expelling this turd. Not that she's pushing it out; it seems to slide out very easily, but because of the intense feeling from her bowels working. "It's kinda like having an orgasm, hence the straining" Ana says about this.

And this is what I always found such a miracle: This little girl has shat about over 3 feet worthy of turds, and yet another equally thick and long turd is coming out of her beautiful body. Just 20 minutes ago she was chatting with her friends at the gym, with a little bottle of Evian in her hand and a pink towel around her neck. Fresh, sweet and cute. Now she's turned into a lethal canon, there's nothing lady-like about the photo above. It's porn without the porn. This lady can dump. It's unbelievable.

..and finally Ana's final turd shoots out, falls to the ground, where it remains in a doubled, upright position before slowly falling over, on top of her other turds. Ana wants to wipe. I wonder what would happen if she would sit there for some minutes more. If she just would continue pooping. These are the things that cross my mind while I'm filming. Maybe she would just continue to shit and shit, until she eventually would vanish. You never know

Ana wiping. You barely can see her load because the grass grows quite high

..and it takes some time. She has to wipe a lot..! But at least the forrest is quiet and serene again. You can hear the birds sing, and the sunrays are dancing beautifully onto the down on her back

The result: An enormous pile of turds. Plants and grass have been squached away by the power of Ana's heavy turd dropping. You can actually see there's a hole formed on the spot where her turds have landed! Lots of paper, I wonder if some unaware hiker will think when seeing this pile. I bet it's not: "Hey, some gorgeous cheerleader must have taken this dump!"

Ana's butt always has been her key feature. This photo shows how perfectly shaped it is. Noone would ever imagine such enormous turds coming out of such a perfect and cute girl's ass

Ana shows her butthole to the camera, asking me if it's all clean. Well, it is. Perfectly clean. No traces whatsoever of the bomb-dropping that took place just few minutes ago

..and naughty as she is, she rips a loud, loud fart towards the camera. She thinks that's wildly funny. She's lucky that it fits rather well with her job, otherwise I would have fired her on the spot.

The beautiful pink string is being put back in position, and back is the we-drop-dead-gorgous-cheerleader-never-poop-how-dare-you-ask look!

Isn't that nature at it's best?

This is the moment Ana almost stepped into her own poo. She didn't see it because the grass grows so high. On this photo you can see how big the total of Ana's dump is. Ana told me she had to poop for a second time that day, in the evening. Unfortunately, she was out with some friends to a bar. She laid another super-turd of 2 feet in the bar's toilets, leaving it unflushed. "I kinda felt sorry for that turd not getting any attention" Ana said. She's got a weird sense of humor. I kinda felt sorry for myself not being able to see that bar-turd.

Well folks, that was what Ana called "just a test". If this was just a test, you can imagine how things will look if Ana gets her butt in gear seriously.

Stand by for more..!